Apental Auto Comment APK Download For Android

Apental Auto Comment APK Download For Android
Apental Auto Comment APK Download For Android
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Download Apental auto comment For Android

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well. Our today’s post is about the Apental auto comment, the application which will give us thousands of auto comments on our Facebook profile, status or on the link. So, you just download this Apental auto commenter APK on your Android phone. And start getting auto comments on your social media account.

However, Apental calc is you know the most famous application which allows you to have impressions on your account. By using that appeal Calc, you have been getting a number of auto Likes, auto comments, and auto shares. This time, Apental auto comment (FB Auto Commenter) will provide you more concise and targeted results.

First, install the application on your mobile phone, you might get installation error, so before installing it changes the security setting of your mobile phone. Tap on the setting, security setting and check the unknown sources button.

The interval of the auto comments made the comments genuine and real, and the official of Facebook will not be able to get this. So, do not cross a milestone or mark. Submit the auto comments after 30 minutes of the first submission. Which will help your account to be safe; otherwise, you might block your account.

How to Use Apental

Now, install the application, and follow the instruction which will be given there.

Right after the installing application, change the privacy setting of your Facebook account. If you have made the personal setting, change it to the public, and follower setting should be public.

Now, doing all these, log into your account using Apental auto comment APK on your account. Provide the ID and password, and submit the URL of the post on which you are desired to have auto comments. With a number of auto comments and the duration between every comment. When you will provide all the details. Submit that to Apental auto comment, and you will see that gradually the numbers of auto comments begin adding to your Facebook account.

Moreover, you can set a number of auto comments, the interval of auto comments but cannot set the targeted country. The auto comments will be from all over the world, and you have no control of this.

Moreover, you can choose the URL of any other Facebook ID if you want to get auto comments on your other Facebook account. If you are interested in getting auto comments on your business page or Fan page. Select the post and submit the URL of that post, and you will get the number of auto comments in a while.

You can make a schedule of your auto comments on your Account, business page or Fan page. So, use this features, if you do not find yourself to give proper time to your account or Facebook page.

hopefully, You can use this Luxury of getting auto comments without of paying a single penny. So, tap the download button and get the application. Start getting a huge amount of auto comments via Apental auto comment. The link has already updated, hope this will be working. If the link is not there or not working, comment down in the section.

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