Apental Calc v2.53 APK Free Download For Android

Apental Calc v2.53 APK Free Download For Android
Apental Calc v2.53 APK Free Download For Android
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Apental Calc download latest version free

Facebook has become a globally recognized social media website. The entire social media revolve around Facebook. It has become the sole website which got more than a trillion hits in a single month; other websites like Google and YouTube are far away from this website. So, the person which is famous for Social Media will get more popularity and focus on our society. If you do not have enough time to spend on Facebook, to comment, like and share on others status, in return you also will get nothing. Do not be sad, we are with you, to provide Apental Calc APK with you the best application which will provide you with thousands of impression on your profile with just tap of your finger.

Download Apental calc from the link below and get the best Auto Liker application on the market. It is the only application which is famous for the name of Auto Liker if you got one thousand impressions on your profile; this Apental calc will provide you ten thousand and much more.

How to Use Apental Calc

The use of the application is pretty simple and straightforward if you know how to use Facebook, then you also would know the use of the Apental calc. Just install the application on your device, but before installing this application takes care of one thing. Otherwise, the application will not be installed on your device.

You need to change the security setting of your phone, as you are downloading the application manually. The applications which not download from the Google Play Store is considered as spam by the device. So, tap on the setting, tap Security setting or security, and check the unknown sources button.

You also need to change the profile setting as well, as you need to change the profile privacy to public. In this way, you would be able to get impressions on your profile pictures, status, and images.

Login to your profile by using Apental, and select the image on which you are willing to get impressions. Within some moments, you will see, plenty amount of impressions has been added. Enjoy your experience of using Apental calc, tap the download button to get the file. If the link is not working, then comment down in the comment section. So that our team can fix the problem as soon as possible.

Application information:

App name: Apental Calc (Facebook Auto Liker)

Current Version: v2.52

File size: 3.9 MBs

File type: APK file format

Requires Android: All Android support

Download Apental Calc >>> v2.53

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